Our story


Founded in 1992 as a family business jewelry store, ended up, a few years later, with a total focus on pearl jewelry. Our focus and love of pearls have quickly amassed a cult following. We are more than just pearl addicts,  we’re a dedicated team of passionate, collaborative, and innovative people that are devoted to creating fashion pearl jewelry for the globe’s most stylish women.

During our twenty-five years of the hunt for pearls, we are proud to have established valuable networks with designers around the world. Our partners are usually located nearby numerous pearl farms in various regions; Japan, Australia, China, Indonesia, French Polynesia, Philippines, India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Thailand, and Malaysia.


We provide all types of pearls including Tahitian, Akoya, Freshwater, and rare south sea pearls that are extremely beautiful and charming. We are giving off pearls at unmatchable prices and offer free shipping world wide.

Our pricing, quality and customer service are the main pillars that make us stand out from the rest. You can trust us with all your pearl-related needs, and we will get to work the minute you order it.

So, are you ready to bedazzle your world with our pearls?


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